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NearExpo Services

Nearexpo Services Inc. will be a service-oriented business located in Vancouver that provides trade shows and corporate event planning.

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Products and services

Nearexpo Services Inc. is a service-oriented business that provides exhibition / event planning, and exhibition support services.

Exhibition Feasibility Services

Determine the feasibility of your exhibit for your organization (cost, resources, etc). Draft a purpose statement to outline the exhibition’s function, goals, intended audience, general scope and emphasis (what the exhibit is supposed to do and forwhom).

Preliminary Exhibition Design Services

– Assembling the Players
– Communication
– Rough Schedule and Budget
– Research/Front-end Evaluation
– Storyline/Conceptual Design/Formative Evaluation
– Design the conceptual design
– Formative evaluation

Detailed Exhibition Design Services

Combine everything into the final exhibit script. This will incorporate the exhibit text, artifacts and objects, images and interactive components. The final design goes hand in hand with the script. We use storyboards to visualize the exhibit experience and layout.

Exhibition Production Planning Services

– Final Production Schedule and Budget: Establish a timeline and budget for construction and installation.
– Construction and Specification Documents: Once the exhibit design is approved, create the design documentation (measurements, specifications, etc) for the exhibit construction.

Services for the Trade-Show Visitors

shall also provide the following services to the potential international trade show visitors. Nearexpo Services Inc. shall contact the trade show visitors to learn about their objective to visit the trade-expo, based on their
answers the business will advise the appropriate trade expo to the potential visitors.

Professional Booth Staffing Services

Face to face is the single most powerful way to communicate with potential customers, educate them on the value of your business and convey your brand. The people who represent your company at trade show exhibitions and live marketing events play a pivotal role in ensuring your success.

A smart and safe way for
exhibitors and visitors

We are using the most efficient technologies and
techniques to effectively provide professional services.


Canadian trade show

The business will promote Canadian trade shows to the international audience they would indirectly contribute to the Canadian exports.


International trade show

The business will help Canadian business sectors to participate international trade show as exاibitors or visitors.

Major Markets

Convention and trade show planning can be further divided to business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) convention, conference and trade show planning.

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